AllConcussion Statement Regarding Diversity and Inclusion

The recent events in Charlottesville, VA and actions on subsequent days compel me to share my position on diversity. and focus on helping people with concussions through their recovery journey. Because of my own experience with concussion, I've strived to provide needed information and focus on advocacy to raise awareness of issues and needs. While I mostly stepped back from this work in January 2017 and turned off much of my content, I have continued some work periodically. The overall goals remain unchanged.

Concussions are disabling brain injuries. They occur for those of all ages and all genders and result from many types of injuries. Sports, car accidents, assaults, falls - there are many causes of TBI. No matter the cause, however, there's a common thread: concussions are life-changing and disabling.

With that in mind, I fully support diversity and inclusion, particularly for those who are disabled. I emphatically renounce hate, racism, bigotry, and exclusion.

Julie Norris
August 18, 2017

I'm in the process of shutting down this website, so only a few posts are still available to review. I'm leaving information and links for support resources. For information about symptoms, see the CDC microsite page. If you're looking for support, take a look at the Big List of resources. Thanks! Julie 1.1.17
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