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July 27, 2016

NFL: The league has instituted new rules regarding the concussion protocol. Teams can be fined and their draft picks affected if they don't follow the guidelines.

Youth Football: The New York Times has questioned the statistics regarding injury that have been reported by USA Football.

NHL: Commissioner Gary Bettman continues to
question a link between concussion and CTE. He stated that opinion in a letter sent to Sen. Richard Blumenthal.

Canada: A new study released shows that concussion rates for youth are on the rise. Hockey has the highest rate of injury.

NCAA: The lawsuit regarding Derek Sheely has been settled. The State of Maryland will pay $50,000. The NCAA portion is not yet announced.

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My Survey is Released!

My survey regarding menstrual cycles after concussions is published! You can find it here: Menstrual Cycle Dysfunction Following Concussion: Survey Results